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Offshore Tax Preparation

An offshore tax and accounting firm requires someone who knows tax preparation inside and out.

Creating a strong tax team who can excel in all areas, from Partnership Tax Returns to Payroll Tax Returns, can be a difficult task for CPA firms. Also, CPA firms face taxation issues and deadlines every year. These include filing taxes on time, paying taxes on time, paying late fees, and collecting penalties.

That’s why it might be best for CPAs, EA and accounting firms to offshoring tax services to CPA firms.

Offshoring is a smart move for CPAs, EA’s and accounting firms. With Safebooks Global, you can trust that your income tax return, and international tax preparation services are completed with the utmost accuracy and efficiency.

Letting go of certain tasks to professionals can be intimidating, but it is a prevalent practice in the United States, and many have found success in taking this route. Take the leap of faith and trust that you’re making the right decision.

CPA firms are increasingly turning to offshore staffing solutions to manage their tax processes in order to remain competitive in today’s business environment.

Partnering with a reliable tax outsourcing firm, like Safebooks Global, can help to alleviate the strain on internal resources and ensure optimal results. Thus, leveraging the services of a professional tax offshoring company is a successful decision for any CPA or EA firm.


Tax accountant works on the data entry, accounting for taxation within a company to create and implement a comprehensive tax strategy for their company. Tasks involve tax preparation, assistant with data entry for filing tax documents in a team.

Key Skills :


An associate accountant prepares taxes for clients, maintains client records, files returns, makes payments, prepares work papers, and keeps track of client accounts. Find tax solutions to complicated tax issues or errors from incorrect tax filings. Identify legal tax deductions and suggest ways to increase profits.

Key Skills :


The senior tax accountant works on the daily operations, ensuring timely and accurate forecasts and periodic tax reports, assisting the company with tax audits, and supporting the company’s accounting needs.

Key Skills :


Associate sales tax accountant provides excellent client service to multi-state companies with state and local sales/use tax issues. It includes reverse audits, compliance, tax planning, automation technology, research and writing, multi-jurisdictional reporting, and controversies/audit defense.

Key Skills :

Why Safebooks Global is your one-stop tax solution to timely return filings?

Safebooks Global offers offshore tax services to CPAs and accounting firms across the USA. Our experienced team empowers your in-house team, and helps you avoid the need to hire more staff during the demanding tax season. We take pride in our remarkable reputation for delivering exceptional offshore tax preparation services.

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced certified public accountants (CPAs) offering tax return preparation, bookkeeping, audits, payroll processing, financial statement analysis, and much more to CPA firms and Enrolled Agents. If you’re a CPA firm looking for an offshore tax preparation firm that provides comprehensive, timely solutions, we’d love to talk.

Offshore tax preparation

Offshore Tax Team

Our Unique Selling tax Services

We’ve designed our employment process around your business’ seasonal and sporadic nature so that you can hire us when you need us. Our flexible offshore staffing model allows you to schedule your projects at any time of the year.

Our team of highly experienced tax professionals provides CPA firms and businesses with the necessary guidance to devise creative tax planning solutions and adhere to regulatory requirements.

Safebooks Global’s experienced team remains up to date on all IRS and CRA tax regulations and requirements, ensuring we provide our clients with precise and timely tax return preparation services during tax season.

We are passionate about helping CPAs and Accounting Firms achieve success through our tax assistance. We strive to ensure our clients don’t experience any unwelcome tax penalties or late fees, and we do our best to avoid any delays or unnecessary complications when it comes to the tax laws.

Together, we are dedicated to removing the burden of tedious tax work and helping our clients reach their financial goals.

Our tax offshoring services give you the power to take charge and make a difference. From a single country to multiple countries, you can trust that you will receive reliable, adaptable, and top-notch service that is sure to satisfy any tax requirements.

Effectively using Internal Resource

Maximizing internal resources is a key factor in the success of small and medium CPA firms. During deadlines or high workloads, like tax preparation season, seasonal employees may be employed in order to ensure efficient operations. In such cases, the overhead costs of CPA firms can be extremely high due to salary, fringe benefits, insurance, training, and onboarding expenses. Once the tax season is over, these employees become superfluous.


Enhance the quality of work

Tax preparation demands precision. A minor miscalculation can lead to costly penalties or scrutiny from the IRS. Moreover, it necessitates the filing of amended returns, creating further complications. Tax preparation requires accuracy. One tiny error in calculation can potentially set the client up for a hefty fine or the client becomes liable for questions from the IRS. There is also the additional hassle of filing revised returns.


Process automation Disruption

Process automation is essential for delivering high-quality services to clients timely. Leveraging automated and technologically advanced software provides increased accuracy in work. Despite its advantages, process automation can be costly. Tax offshoring provides CPA firms with a cost-effective solution to this challenge.

Optimizing Time

Optimizing productivity is essential for CPA firms, especially when deadlines are tight. With a focus on accuracy, CPAs professionals must dedicate time and effort to accounting, bookkeeping, and tax service to avoid costly mistakes. Investing in automated tools and services can help CPA firms save time and improve accuracy.


Get offshore tax preparation with Safebooks Global

We at Safebooks Global believe that having access to qualified professionals is key to success. By partnering our CPA experts, we can ensure that you receive top quality offshore tax staffing solutions.

Our offshore team has years of experience working with CPA and EA firms across diverse industry which means your chances of missing deadlines are eliminated with our experienced professionals.

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Our team has hands on experience with the best tax preparation software’s that provides our clients with the best offshore tax services.

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