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Offshore Accounting for US based CPA Firms

Recently India has been the preferred choice among the competitors for offshore accounting services. Many CPAs, EA and accounting firms in the USA outsource their accounting & bookkeeping services to India.

There is a huge demand for offshore companies globally, which makes it easier for countries to get access to resources. India with skilled employees is the future of offshore accounting due to the ability to adapt changing market requirements quickly, effective pricing, service & quality work standards.

Get started with Safebooks Global, the most trusted Offshore Accounting Services for US-based CPA firms.

Safebooks Global is an offshore firm providing experienced accounting teams to small and medium-sized CPA and EA firms throughout the United States. Our team of accountants and bookkeepers are experts in providing timely accurate accounting solutions.

Our services include Customized bookkeeping reporting solutions, Payroll services, Bank reconciliation & Payment processing, and other accounting tasks. Our clients include companies like Clear Vision Accounting Solutions, KNK Tax and Accounting Services, and many others.

Looking for offshoring accounting partners for a CPA firm! Request 20 hour’s of Free Trial.

We can support your growth and scale business by meeting accounting deadlines with offshore accounting solutions.

We believe that having access to qualified professionals is key to success. By partnering with our CA and CPA experts, we can ensure that you receive high-quality accounting services.

Our team has years of experience working with CPA and EA firms across diverse industries, which means your chances of missing deadlines are eliminated with our professionals.

Offshore Staffing for Accounting Firms and CPAs


Our Associate bookkeeper is dedicated to providing you with the accuracy to detail in documenting all of your daily bookkeeping tasks are performed by associate bookkeepers. Safebooks offshore accountants take care of managing petty cash expenditures, bookkeeping of everyday dealings, Purchases, Sales, Journal Voucher entries, bank reconciliation and many more.

Key Skills :


The intricate task of payroll management is critical to ensure accurate and thorough pay data, verified to the utmost reliability. So, it is paramount to have an accomplished offshoring accounting staff Associate Payroll Accountant on hand to prepare detailed reports of employee earnings, taxes, deductions, vacation, and disability.

Safebooks Global is dedicated to providing the best pay-related information handling, from individualized services to full-fledged departments dedicated to meet your requirements.

Key Skills :


Senior associate AR/AP work on strong analytical skills. These Senior Associates are responsible for taking up accounting tasks of the organization, including performing financial analysis, preparing monthly reports, assisting our internal accounting team with financial reporting tasks, and outsourced accounting service.

Key Skills :


The Senior Associate Accountants are responsible for provides financial accounting services to the organization, including preparation of internal control report, compilation of general ledger accounts, monthly close-out report and reconciliation of trial balances and maintaining records related to these activities, as a part of offshore accounting solutions. 

Key Skills :

Empower your CPA firm with Safebooks Global Offshoring Accounting Service:

The Safebooks Global offshore accounting team comprises the most experienced and knowledgeable accounting specialists in India, who are dedicated to providing clients with professional, efficient and cost-effective solutions to their bookkeeping, accounting, taxation and other related services. Our accountants are committed to meeting deadlines and delivering outstanding accounting solutions.

Our team of highly-skilled and experienced offshore accountants are well-versed in some of the most sophisticated accounting software, such as QuickBooks, SAP, XERO, WAVE and more. We empower our clients to excel in their core business and expand their profits by taking care of all tedious and non-critical accounting tasks.

offshore accounting

Offshore Accounting Team

Our Unique Selling Services

Our professional outsourcing accounting service is available throughout the Eastern and Western United States.

Our expert team utilizes top-tier accounting software such as Quickbooks, XERO, WAVE, and more to ensure that our clients are given the highest quality of service.

Our exclusive offerings are unmatched in the accounting industry. Our clients enjoy the advantage of affording cost-effective services while maintaining high-quality results.

Our personnel are knowledgeable and skilled professionals who are devoted to providing our customers with exceptional service.

Safebooks Global has become the premier provider of tax & accounting services, delivering both quality & efficiency at an exceptional value.

Our bookkeepers & accountants have excellent communication skills. Safebooks Global has seen a steady increase in the number of clients from US-based CPA firms entrusting their accounting and bookkeeping activities to us. Our clients find great value in leveraging our services, which offer several advantages compared to other companies.

Why are many CPA firms hiring offshore accounting services in India?

Benefits of Time Zone Difference

The time zone discrepancy between India and the United States offers a unique opportunity for US-based CPA firms.US-based CPA firms can take advantage of the time zone difference of 11 hours by delegating work to Indian firms by EOD. This allow them to receive completed tasks in the morning of the following day.CPA firms get benefits of 24*7 time-saving, high quality accounting services at reasonable cost, without sacrificing any time.

Relief from Legal Procedure

By outsourcing their accounting to a reputable Indian bookkeeping firm, CPA firms can alleviate the burden of necessary legal proceedings, documentation updates, and regular taxation, freeing up valuable time and energy.Accounting experts in India are well-informed of the rules and regulations, stay abreast of current taxation and IRS regulations, and carry out all documentation in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, without disruption.

Technical Support

Accounting services are outsourced by 35% of businesses to gain access to talent capital.India provides a good offshore bookkeeping service due to the advanced IT infrastructure, accounting software and other security measures. India is a preferred outsourcing location for CPA firms.To provide exceptional tax & offshore accounting services, our team of highly skilled professionals will help you manage IT support infrastructure, accounting software and other security measures.We offer customized accounting solutions to meet your requirements.


Due to Workforce Skill

Businesses often opt for Indian outsourcing companies due to their proficient language abilities, unrivaled educational standards, and a well-trained and productive labor force.Many companies outsource accounting in order to reduce operational costs. Outsourced accounting service affords the opportunity to reduce overhead expenses by employing fewer personnel at a lower rate of compensation.Due to the improved service quality, most CPA firms are now opting to outsource accounting service to India.


Get offshore accountants with Safebooks Global

Our offshore accounting firm believes that having access to qualified professionals is key to success. By partnering with our accounting professionals, we can ensure that you receive top quality accounting & financial services.

Our offshore staffing team has years of experience working with CPA and EA firms across diverse industry which means your chances of missing deadlines are eliminated with our offshore accounting services. 


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Our team is experienced with the best accounting software’s that provide our clients best offshore accounting solutions.

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